Haynes Roadster Pedal Set

Haynes Roadster Pedal Set

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Complete set of cnc plasma cut parts required for you to build your own Haynes Roadster pedal box.

All parts are to spec for the Haynes Roadster as in the Build your own sports car book.

Included are:

Set of 3 Pedal bushes
Set of 3 pedal bush tubes
Accelerator pedal
Brake pedal
Clutch pedal
Accelerator pedal pad
Brake pedal pad
Clutch pedal pad
Pb1 x2
Pb2 x2
Pb3 x2
Pb4 x2

These items fit the Haynes Roadster perfectly and many other custom kit and race/rally cars.

The bushes will require pressing into your pedals as they are a perfectly snug fit.


We can make custom pedals if you require.


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